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>Just one more thing, Cameron. I was looking at an Apple support page, and it says 
"When you're logged in to your Mac using an administrator account, you can use the sudo 
command in the Terminal app to execute commands as a different user, such as the root 
user." (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202035). I am logged in as administrator. So 
why isn't sudo working for me?

>P.S. How would I make the link I provided live?

What link? This is why we trim quoted text and reply below the relevant bit 
directly: I don't know what link you provided or even whether it is there, just 
buried in the huge quoted text. Just cite it again, eg:

  How would I make this link (link here) live?

The link is above, in the first paragraph, beginning with the words
"Just one more thing, Cameron."

And then, of course, tell us what "live" means :-)

Live means live. It is not a word I created. It means that the link
has been activated, so clicking on it will take you to the associated
page. Here is a definition from www.yourdictionary.com/live-link.
"Live Link - Computer Definition: An active text or graphic link on a
Web page. Clicking the link redirects the user to another Web page or
a document or image." The link to the definition I just copied into
this paragraph is not live because clicking on it will not do

Aha. Well, clicking on it worked for me! But then I'm using email in a terminal window where the terminal window has some support for recognising links and making them clickable. I'm surprised GMail doesn't do that as well.

This question became moot when I posted my message, because that
action activated the link. [...]

It may be that the "post" action didn't do it, but Google Groups' message rendering did it. You don't need to make some things "live", your user interface will do it for you.

To elaborate, I see your messages as plain text. But my reading tool (in this case the terminal emulator enclosing my mail reader) saw the link and made it a clickable thing for me.

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