Dear Rimu,

thanks for your reply. I'm willing to learn for sure.

On 2023-09-16 14:17 Rimu Atkinson via Python-list
<> wrote:
> There's your problem - everything else is a result of this. There is 
> just no nice way to work with a combination of pypi, apt-get and 
> system-wide python.
> Everyone uses virtual environments.

It is nothing bad about using virtual environments but also not about
not using them. In my own work I haven't see a use case where I needed
them. And I expect that some day I'll encounter a use case for it. This
here is not about pro and cons of virtual environments.

Please explain how the two problems I explained are influenced by not
using virtual environments.

As I explained I tried to use "pipx" (the X at the end!) because it
seems to be the recommended way today because of PEP668. And to my
knowledge pipx do use a virtual environment in the back. Nice.

But it did not work the way I expected.

I don't say that pipx is wrong or buggy. I assume I misunderstood
something in context of PEP668 and in the use of pipx. That is why I'm
asking here.

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