> That shouldn’t happen.  Are you sure you aren’t running them in debug
> mode?  Try to comment out imports of ‘_asyncio’ in futures.py and tasks.py
> and run benchmarks in 3.6 to compare Py Futures to C Futures.
> Also, which Python 3.6 version are you using?  Please try to build one
> from the repo, I’ve fixed a couple of bugs since 3.6b2.
> Running 3.6-dev from travis, currently b4+.
No debug mode, that is an order of magnitude slower ;-)

Having said that, running another test suite, more asyncio centric, I get
the 3.6-dev running at 68% speed v 3.5.2.
So it looks very good indeed!

Pulsar test suite is large and does not represent asyncio 1:1.
Sorry for confusion, I will investigate further


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