i have some code that finds the point on a curve closest to another curve:

crv1 = pm.PyNode(finger + 'Centre')
crv2 = pm.PyNode(finger + 'Cross')
loc = pm.createNode('locator')
locTransform = loc.getParent()

loc.setParent(crv2, s=True, r=True)
cpoc = pm.createNode('nearestPointOnCurve')

# connect ep[1] to locator local position
pm.connectAttr(crv2.editPoints[1], loc.localPosition, f=True)
crv1.worldSpace[0] >> cpoc.inputCurve
loc.worldPosition[0] >> cpoc.inPosition

vec_target = cpoc.position.get()

the result of this is the location in 3d space of the point on one curve 
closest to the other curve.

what i want to know is how can i insert a knot on the other curve based on this 
point now found in 3d space. I needs to somehow be converted to a .u[] 
parameter value so it can be used in the insertKnotCurve command


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