Normally, should not concern yourself with that.
when you layout your node you have to define  the relationship between 
inputs  and output.

so if you check that your output plug needs to be refreshed one of the 
driver will trigger the computation and then your output will be written 
and mark dirty.
the other drivers wont have any effect at this point... ( from memory as i 
dont use maya that much at work anymore)

Le lundi 12 mars 2018 22:37:38 UTC-4, justin hidair a écrit :
> every now and then when changing , disconnecting , connecting an attribute 
> , MPxNode::setDependentsDirty() is called( easily observable)  , 
> if there's no connected output no compute is called() . However ,
>  1) What happens if a user change two different attributes at the same 
> time ? ( e.g. move two transforms dag nodes ) , 
> do Maya automatically order the thing and it seems to happen "at the same 
> time " or does it open a black hole ?
>  2) How would I change two *different*  attributes on a node with its 
> output connected , without calling compute() two times ?

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