Hi guys, I'm still fiddling with the python API, I'm unclear about what is 
the correct way to do some things.

I have two meshes, one as an input and one as an output. I'm inheriting 
from MPxDeformerNode.
This deformer will read its input and output and evaluate once what 
vertices are in the same worldspace of the both meshes, it will create a 
dict and in the deform method will iterate through the vertices and move 
the matched output vertices from how the input move. 

Basically I'm trying to implement a control-less rig as shown here: 

I have already solved how to iterate through the vertices and get the 
matched ones, but I don't know how to access the output geometry and the 
verts position from the compute method, and if I should, 

Also how to get the matching vertices only once per connection. I guess 
using attributeAffects will only evaluate once, but I'm unsure if I should 
store them as a list in python or use sets in Maya or something like that, 
I'm pretty lost at that part.

Thank you!

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