You're trying to do the point snapper, from around 10:20 in that video? It 
sounds to me like you need two input meshes - a "source" and a "target"  - 
and you want to store a list of verts that are the same in those two, then 
when verts move in the source, you want to move verts in a copy of the 
target, and then output that to an output mesh plug.

"Source" I think is what you're currently calling "input". It's the small 
control mesh.
"Target" is part of what you're currently calling "output". It will be the 
same visible mesh as the output, but it's an input plug on your deformer 
and (I think) would be connected to the outmesh plugin of an "intermediate 
object" in the construction history of that mesh.

I think if it was me, I'd start by trying to convert polyModifierCmd 
example in the docs to Python (or do it in C++...this looks like it will be 
slow in Python), then add a "source" mesh input to that. (You could maybe 
skip the part where it tries to make a tweak node, for now at least.)

On Friday, 13 April 2018 10:24:21 UTC+10, justin hidair wrote:
> Lol , you're gonna have to be clearer than that, still don't understand 
> what you're trying to do friend ,maybe compare the vtx positions of the 
> input and output ? cache the output and do it then ? I feel like you want 
> to access the output node itself , and I don't think it's recommended to be 
> that savage bro, just sayin' , your example code seem like a basic template 
> for deformer implementation , it doesn't say alot idk ;

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