It feels like your problem was more about pyusb dependencies than
pyusb itself. Windows is a pain, because the way it works. Maybe the
solution is just an updated README file with more detaild instructions
about dependencies installation.

2016-09-23 4:18 GMT-03:00 Hermann Hamann <>:
> Hi,
> To install or to not install, that is the question.
> I was recently bitten by some lethal errors using pyusb. These were not in
> the pyusb code but came from lower layers as a consequence of misusing them.
> The following correspondence with the maintenance crew was unsuccessful
> because the service aspect was not realized.
> It turned out that the errors were a consequence of different installation
> requirements of the  different services.
> I confess guilty of having too long ignored the features of the winusb
> service.
> I have learned that DLLs need not be installed with winusb.
> I have learned too that DLLs must be installed with the libusb0 service and
> the installed library must be used.
> And it was the hard way to learn (using an apparently widely unknown
> technique called testing).
> And that installation requirement is what you still have to learn!
> I have enough logfiles to prove that.
> This has consequences for the structure of pyusb, the features that can
> safely be provided, and the necessary restrictions that must be documented.
> The good news is that for winusb served devices no changes are required.
> Well, to proceed with my work on the installation guide, I need a formal
> agreement of the service thesis because that will dominate the bugfix
> procedure.
> Who ever objects to this thesis should talk now or be silent for ever.
> I agree [ ]     I disagree [ ]
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