The use of the pyusb0 service is a bit troublesome, because you have to specify the desired library by hand.
I always had the dream of automatically use the installed library.
Well, here is how.
You must know the Vid and Pid of your device. With that you can look up the registry for the installed service.
If it is winusb you need not care.
If it is pyusb0 then you get the device descriptor and extract the device name.
With it you go to the driverstore and scan the filerepository directory for a directory file name  
that starts with the device name.
Then you walk under this tree until you find a dll name.
This is the installed library.
Was not so hard.
I want to thank Xiaofan for his encouraging advice to dig deeper in this registry thingens.
Now there is no more any need to pick a wrong library.

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