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The preparation task is design work for https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T148161, and I plan to build a draft python class to demonstrate this.and I plan to build a draft python class to demonstrate this. Another preparation task is to become familiar with existing Python packages that implements other standard quiz formats, as detailed for pyslet in https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T148315..

The goal is a minimum viable product developed at mid-term. The minimum viable product is a Python library that allows for round-trip conversions between the Wikimedia Quiz format and GIFT or other standard format.

The remainder of the time will be allocated for testing, bug fixing, documentation, and packaging for Pypi.
and packaging for Pypi.

The biggest obstacle is that the Wikimedia Quiz format is not well documented. There could be large differences or gaps that could cause difficulty in this project and/or require a scope change.

The primary deliverable will be a GitHub repo and pypi package that is modular and can be reusable for various projects. It would be preferable and ideal to add this code (support for Wikiversity Quiz format) to an existing standard quiz format library. This package would be used by Pywikibot for bot operations, and for other applications and purposes.
| Before Dec 6 | Community bonding. Write python classes to represent GIFT and Wikiversity Quiz formats.
| Dec 6
Investigate existing Python libraries to convert between GIFT and Wikiversity Quiz formats.
| Dec 6 - Dec 23 | Develop Python library,
- Dec 23 | Developideally contributing to existing Python conversion between formatslibrary.
| Dec 26 - Jan 27 | Testing and bug fixing. Refactoring code. Packaging in Pypi.



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