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- Manually convert complex Wikiversity quiz into other standard quiz formats [[ https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T148314 | T148314 ]]org/T148314 | T148314 ]].
- Analysis to find features missing from each format, so we can work out acceptable modes of degraded exporting
- Evaluation of existing Python packages that implement standard quiz formats.
- The functionality is to be able to serialise and deserialise between quiz formats. The data model should be generic, but it needs to retain style/token information so that the round trip has very few dirty diffs.
- Work with the developers of these existing Python packages to contribute Wikiversity Quiz support.
- If we can't get an existing package to take the code for Wikiversity Quiz support, then we will release a new pypi packaged library that extends the existing pypi packaged library to add Wikiversity Quiz format.
- Goal is general python library that loads any standardized quiz format.
- This package would be used by Pywikibot for bot operations, and for other applications and purposes.
- Use cases:
- Import quiz from other systems into Wikiversity, usually to back up their materials due to other mooc/quiz systems going offline, or being upgraded and they are told they will need to rebuild all their quizzes, etc.
- Generate custom/personalized quiz (in Python) and push to Wikiversity user page
- Gamification of Wikimedia,
and for other applications and purposeusing Python web apps deployed on the tool labs.
!!**Midterm**!!: Minimum viable product of Python library for round-trip conversions between
Wikimedia Quiz formatWikimedia Quiz format and GIFT or other standard format. Bi-directional support tool to parse and GIFT or other standard formatupdate Quiz data on Wikiversity.
!!**Testing and Documentation**!!: The remainder of the time will be allocated for testing, bug fixing, documentation, and packaging for Pypi. Testing will include serialise and deserialise the same quiz content to check that the conversion doesn't alter the content.
- The biggest obstacle is that the Wikimedia Quiz format is not well documented. There could be large differences or gaps that could cause difficulty in this project and/or require a scope change.



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