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The main problem is that the default is None in config2.py.

This task needs a little analysis to determine why the default is None, and what this currently does as the default for a user who doesnt modify this setting.

From memory, weblinkchecker.py needs user-agent faking to default to enabled, as many sites actively reject user-agents with bot-like parts, such as the string requests. (Ah, T71204: weblinkchecker.py uses a fake user-agent)

But we should not use a fake user-agent unless it is necessary.

From T71204, the second part wasnt done:

Faking the user-agent should be an option, default disabled, or only used for servers known to be problematic.

Maybe we need a list of servers that require a fake user-agent, so that it can be disabled by default in config2.py.



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