jayvdb added a comment.

I like these two combined:

  • Change reflinks and weblinkchecker to retry with fake UA if first request gets rejected (need to decide what errors/status codes constitute as a rejection).
  • Maintain a list of problematic sites in the configuration file (or should this be hosted on WikiTech?)

i.e. we would add a use_fake_user_agent parameter to methods in http.comms, which is False by default, True forces a fake user-agent, and None means automatic use of fallback logic (use fake if in the config list, otherwise try with real user-agent, and fallback to fake).

Then we can remove the fake_user_agent config option.

That could be an extra feature.

It would also be nice if the config list allowed literal strings: when connecting to this server, use this user-agent, rather than a random one.



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