I use only QBS (for both workers and for my own projects).
On the previous place of work through QBS I builded billing system (The project was quite voluminous, though simple in structure). On the current work with QBS I successfully build the Caffe-framework (with NVIDIA GPU support).

It would be desirable that new versions of QBS appeared in the form of SNAP of packages. Now I was already accustomed to collect new versions of QBS at the assembly stands, but at the beginning of a way it was a big problem. I think that the need to compile QBS independently for Linux/Unix systems is one of the limiting factors (albeit not the most significant) in the transition to QBS.
Also I would like to have a QBS-SNAP package without GUI dependencies.

BR, Pavel Karelin

16.06.2018 06:58, Tino Pyssysalo пишет:

Hello everyone,

I’m Tino Pyssysalo, the new product owner of QBS at the Qt Company.

I’d like to conduct a small survey about QBS usage in the community to make investment and feature decisions to the product.

I’d like to know, if you have used or are using QBS as a build system in real projects and all feedback and suggestions would be mostly welcome. This is a great opportunity to affect the future of QBS. Obviously, we are closely following QBS issues in Jira and in this mailing list, so there’s no need to report any known issues, unless you want to emphasize something extremely important to you.

Thanks in advance for everyone for helping me.


Best regards,

Tino Pyssysalo

Senior Manager

Product Management

The Qt Company

Hämeenkatu 14 C 25

33100 Tampere, Finland

tino.pyssys...@qt.io <mailto:tino.pyssys...@qt.io>

+358 40 8615475

http://qt.io <http://qt.io/>

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