On 09/20/2016 09:15 AM, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
>>> I guess we could keep things simple by not inventing a new format,
>>> but instead of using 'check.time', use 'check.time.$FORMAT-$PROTOCOL'
>>> eg 'check.time.qcow2-file'
>> Seems more palatable. Lots of files rather than lots of lines in a
>> single file; searching is now fast (if you can come up with the right
>> file name, the OS does the searching for you rather than us having to
>> figure out which (if any) portion of a large file applies).  We may
>> still want a command for easily cleaning everything, and if we do switch
>> to new file names, we'll still want to clean up the old files.
> Isn't that command called 'git clean -f'  - if we remove 'check.time'
> from the gitignore file, it'll be deleted by a git clean, without
> needing to ass the -i flag. I don't think we really need to reinvent
> a special way to clean just these timing files, particularly since
> they are not large.

I'd still rather have the gitignore file ignore anything that we don't
want to check into the tree (I'm a big fan of 'git add -a .', and hate
it when non-ignored generated files interfere with that; yes I know I
can munge .git/info/exclude locally, but it feels cleaner when generated
files are ignored at the project level).

But yes, relying on git to do the cleanup is fine from my point of view.

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