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On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 13:52, Mark Cave-Ayland
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On 30/04/12 14:27, Peter Maydell wrote:

Hi Peter,

IMO the best fix is to unsysbus the device and qomify it instead.  This
way we're 100% flexible in how we can attach it.

You don't need to wait for QOM to grow enough features to
replace sysbus. If you don't like what sysbus_mmio_map() does, you

Oh - so does this mean that QOM is not feature-complete?

At least 'Pin' class to replace GPIOs and IRQs is not in HEAD (but
Anthony already has a tree somewhere) and I can't remember what was
the plan for buses.

I'm planning on pushing bus support in before I freeze 1.1.


Anthony Liguori

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