On 01/05/12 08:10, Blue Swirl wrote:

In your view, would a suitable fix be to change dma_memory_read,
dma_memory_write, dma_opaque, it_shift and dma_enabled to be qdev properties
and modify esp_init() to return the qdev reference so they can be set by the

There's an ongoing work to introduce IOMMUs by changing how DMA work
and this could simplify the DMA part. There's no clean way to use
function pointers in qdev.

In my current working tree, I have actually managed to get this working with a customised qdev type macro and the standard qdev pointer type - so it may not be particularly great, but it works.

For it_shift, a qdev or QOM property should be OK.

The signal dma_enabled should be eventually replaced by a Pin.

And this is a sysbus concept, yes?



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