the QEMU documentation (*texi, docs/*, maybe more files) still
includes lots of examples using the executable name "qemu"
which is no longer supported.

Even if a future version of QEMU will provide this name again
(maybe as a common entry point for all other executables),
there is no qemu executable today. That's a bit confusing for
new users of QEMU which don't know the history.

I think man pages and html documentation should be as correct
as possible and therefore suggest replacing "qemu" by
qemu-system-i386 (or qemu-system-x86_64, any other
executable, or randomly selected executables?) in *texi.

When "qemu" is not used for the name of the executable, it
should be written "QEMU".

Should the man page's current name (qemu.1) be changed or
linked to qemu-system-i386 and so on?

The examples in docs/* are less important for end users, so
fixing these is also less important for QEMU 1.1.

Please send suggestions and feedback whether patches for 1.1
seem reasonable or too late for that version.


Stefan Weil

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