On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 7:04 AM, Stefan Weil <s...@weilnetz.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> the QEMU documentation (*texi, docs/*, maybe more files) still
> includes lots of examples using the executable name "qemu"
> which is no longer supported.
> Even if a future version of QEMU will provide this name again
> (maybe as a common entry point for all other executables),
> there is no qemu executable today. That's a bit confusing for
> new users of QEMU which don't know the history.
> I think man pages and html documentation should be as correct
> as possible and therefore suggest replacing "qemu" by
> qemu-system-i386 (or qemu-system-x86_64, any other
> executable, or randomly selected executables?) in *texi.
> When "qemu" is not used for the name of the executable, it
> should be written "QEMU".
> Should the man page's current name (qemu.1) be changed or
> linked to qemu-system-i386 and so on?
> The examples in docs/* are less important for end users, so
> fixing these is also less important for QEMU 1.1.
> Please send suggestions and feedback whether patches for 1.1
> seem reasonable or too late for that version.

"qemu-system-<something> is a bit verbose to just represent "your qemu
executable of choice".

What about "<qemu>"  and just have a paragraph at the start of the
documentation that specifies that
<qemu> is the wildcard for whatever executable/target you picked.

ronnie sahlberg

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