On 6 April 2018 at 16:17, Christophe Lyon <christophe.l...@st.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> This patch series implements the QEMU contribution of the FDPIC
> ABI for ARM targets.

> I am currently working on updating the patches for the other toolchain
> components, and will upstream them soon. This includes gcc, uclibc,
> and gdb.
> This series provides support for ARM v7 and later architectures and
> has been used to run the GCC tests on arm-linux-gnueabi without
> regression, as well as arm-linux-uclibceabi.
> Are the QEMU patches OK for inclusion in master?

Hi; I've given the patches a quick look over for structural
issues, though I haven't looked too closely at the details.
I think that given that the support is in Linux master I'm
happy with it also going into QEMU.

NB that Laurent has some patchsets outstanding which rework
the linux-user code to split the per-architecture parts of
signal.c and main.c into per-architecture files rather than
having lots of ifdefs. Those will probably land early in the
2.13 cycle. I mention this just as a heads-up that at some point
you'll find yourself with a somewhat painful rebase.

PS: I'd recommend cc'ing the linux-user maintainers (listed in
the MAINTAINERS file) on your next version of this patchset.

-- PMM

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