07.08.2023 18:56, Anton Johansson via wrote:
This patchset replaces the remaining uses of target_ulong in the accel/
directory.  Specifically, the address type of a few kvm/hvf functions
is widened to vaddr, and the address type of the cpu_[st|ld]*()
functions is changed to abi_ptr (which is re-typedef'd to vaddr in
system mode).

As a starting point, my goal is to be able to build cputlb.c once for
system mode, and this is a step in that direction by reducing the
target-dependence of accel/.

* Changes in v2:
     - Removed explicit target_ulong casts from 3rd and 4th patches.

Anton Johansson (9):
   accel/kvm: Widen pc/saved_insn for kvm_sw_breakpoint
   accel/hvf: Widen pc/saved_insn for hvf_sw_breakpoint
   target: Use vaddr for kvm_arch_[insert|remove]_hw_breakpoint
   target: Use vaddr for hvf_arch_[insert|remove]_hw_breakpoint
   Replace target_ulong with abi_ptr in cpu_[st|ld]*()
   include/exec: typedef abi_ptr to vaddr in softmmu
   include/exec: Widen tlb_hit/tlb_hit_page()
   accel/tcg: Widen address arg. in tlb_compare_set()
   accel/tcg: Update run_on_cpu_data static assert

Pinging a relatively old patchset, - which fixes from here needs to
go to stable-8.1?

The context: 
And according to this email:


at least "include/exec: Widen tlb_hit/tlb_hit_page()" should go to 8.1,
something else?



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