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22.09.2023 13:45, Anton Johansson:
On 21/09/23, Michael Tokarev wrote:

Anton Johansson (9):
    accel/kvm: Widen pc/saved_insn for kvm_sw_breakpoint
    accel/hvf: Widen pc/saved_insn for hvf_sw_breakpoint
    target: Use vaddr for kvm_arch_[insert|remove]_hw_breakpoint
    target: Use vaddr for hvf_arch_[insert|remove]_hw_breakpoint
    Replace target_ulong with abi_ptr in cpu_[st|ld]*()
    include/exec: typedef abi_ptr to vaddr in softmmu
    include/exec: Widen tlb_hit/tlb_hit_page()
    accel/tcg: Widen address arg. in tlb_compare_set()
    accel/tcg: Update run_on_cpu_data static assert

Pinging a relatively old patchset, - which fixes from here needs to
go to stable-8.1?
The rest of the patches can be delayed without issue.

Now I'm confused.  What do you mean "delayed"?
Should the rest be picked up for 8.1.2 or 8.1.3 or maybe 8.1.4?

The whole series has been accepted/applied to master, I asked which
changes should be picked up for stable-8.1, - there's no delay involved,
it is either picked up or not, either needed in stable or not.

Yes, "Widen tlb_hit/tlb_hit_page()" fixes a known bug and I picked
up that one, - unfortunately it missed 8.1.1 release.  The question
is about the other changes in this patch set, - do they fix other
similar, not yet discovered, bugs in other places, or not fixing
anything? Or should we delay picking them up until a bug is reported? :)

Thank you for the changes and the reply!


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