I fully agree. Porting the analysis code of fTools to the analysis lib would be a great gsoc project.


On 24.02.2012 08:55, Nathan Woodrow wrote:
I'm a +1 to Alisters ideas. I think it would be good to have a full suite of tools for manipulating vector objects and layers. These tools should be ports of fTools to C++ and live in the analysis lib so that they can be used in C++, Python and UI (Carson and I have talked about this before).

I think this project would be good as it is tightly scoped and would be easy to mange in chunks. Merging would also be easy, even merging as the project moves along as each tool is independent.

Would should be careful not to start a GSoC project that is too large, has wide scope, vague goals, or is to hard to mange in a summer.

- Nathan

On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 10:15 AM, Alister Hood <alister.h...@synergine.com <mailto:alister.h...@synergine.com>> wrote:

    Something that has been mentioned by a few people, and would
    probably be very popular, I described like this:

    "Vector editing/geoprocessing tools or whatever they are called,
    like the ones found in the Mapinfo 'Object' menu - i.e. similar to
    ftools, but taking sets of selected features as inputs, instead of
    whole layers."

    Later in that second thread someone also mentioned the following;
    I think other people have also made similar requests/suggestions:

    "I guess implementing topology rules and visualizing the existing
    errors would be a way to identify and correct problems like
    polygon overlapping.  It might already exist some code."

    This second idea would probably require more research and thinking
    about exactly what to do.

    I think both these ideas are complementary, and could perhaps be
    done in a single project.  But I guess they are also features that
    might be able to attract other sponsors - you might think it is
    better to use Google money to do something which is unlikely to
    get sponsorship otherwise.


    Somebody started working on a plugin similar to this (early last
    year I think), but it didn't get very far.

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    > On Tue, 21 Feb 2012 17:03:15 +0200, Alexander Bruy wrote:
    > > Hi all,
    > >
    > > Google Summer of Code 2012 is announced few weeks ago and as
    far as
    > > I know OSGeo will participate. Hope QGIS will participate too. I
    > > started
    > > wiki page for collecting ideas [0]
    > >
    > > Maybe we should announce also to the user list asking for
    ideas too
    > >
    > > [0]
    > Hi,
    > how about these projects :
    > 1. Update and merge the multithread branch
    > 2. QGIS, Valgrind & Co
    > Both would get the student to put its hand in all the dark
    corners of
    > QGIS and both would produce a positive and visible impact.
    > Regards,
    > Jean-Roc
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