if isinstance(layer.rendererV2(), QgsCategorizedSymbolRendererV2):
    symbol = layer.rendererV2().categories()[0].symbol()

It's here:

To recreate:

1. Install the qgis2web leafletRefactor branch from Github

2. Open a point layer

3. Select a categorized renderer

4. Use an SVG marker instead of a simple marker

5. Start qgis2web

6. Click "Leaflet" to switch to Leaflet output

That triggers the error for me. Brief searching suggests something to do
with losing a reference to the canvas or ToC, or something. I'm on Win7 x64,
64-bit QGIS from OSGeo4W installer, 2.16.3 (also tried with an elderly
master2 - 0497e4a).

Any help gratefully received - I'm not experienced at debugging lower-level
issues than Python errors...



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