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On Wed, 14. Feb 2018 at 19:30:49 +1100, Nyall Dawson wrote:
> But what about dev releases? E.g. if we wanted to introduce 5.10 for 3.2 on
> Windows, then switching over the dev builds alone isn't possible, right?


> We'd have to update the Qt library for all builds (3.0.1 and above) and the
> dev builds simultaneously. I guess we could theoretically time an upgrade to
> occur just before a stable release (i.e. right before 3.2.0, when no more
> 3.0.x builds will be released), but that sounds potentially dangerous.

If you're after avoiding to do extra builds any point release should do.  I
don't see a big issue - we'd just publish a new Qt on a point release along
with the new qgis builds that already use them - as long QGIS is the only

> >> So I'd hate to see the Windows builds locked to 5.9 indefinitely.

> > Windows is not the only platform.  Debian unstable is also at 5.9
> > currently, buster/testing 5.9,  stretch/stable has 5.7 (so we build without
> > 3D there).  bionic (next ubuntu lts) also has 5.9.

> Oh yeah, linux distros are a totally different matter and I'm not suggesting
> any change there. I'm just curious about what the exact situation is with the
> Windows builds.

Why does that matter?  If the code builds with 5.9 and 5.10 then there's no
QGIS issue.


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