On 2 March 2018 at 03:00, Denis Rouzaud <denis.rouz...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Idan,
> I'll reply for the part I'm aware of.
> Le jeu. 1 mars 2018 à 06:05, Idan Miara <i...@miara.com> a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I was examining the Scale/Magnifier widget in QGIS3.
>> I couldn't find any difference in the output picture between the following
>> combinations (example):
>> Scale 1:1,000 and magnifier 1000%
>> Scale 1:10,000 and magnifier 100%
>> Scale 1:100,000 and magnifier 10%
>> Is this by design ?
> Yes this expected. The idea of the magnifier is for having a "magnifier
> glass" to do scale-dependent editing. In my scenario, that was useful for
> fine-placement of labels.
> But if you don't have scale-dependent rendering (mainly labels I guess) or
> using map units instead of points for symology, it won't (shouldn't) change
> anything.

I don't think I've said it enough, but for me the magnifier was a huge
boost in creating nice cartography with QGIS. It (together with the
style dock) has become one of those features which I use every day
when making maps.

So thank you Denis and Paul for implementing this lovely feature!

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