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> Hi!
> I am sad to say that I disagree strongly with the views expressed in some
> replies to my earlier post.
> I am a kid of 63 who has found that Facebook and Twitter are important and
>  invaluable sources and platforms for both communication and information.
> And kids of a younger age are, and must be our target audience. I do not
> know about you abroad, but in Sweden there is an alarming lack of students
> and graduates in the geospatial sciences. It is now hard to find educated
> young people to fill the gaps when us old kids retire. I try to evangelize
> QGIS as good as I can and have opportunity to, and an FB page needs no
> explanation, while mailing lists are an unknown entity. Among younger kids,
> i mean.
> Second, I am a volunteer. I run a Facebook page for QGIS in swedish, and
> try to pick up news on QGIS development and QGIS use of a general interest.
> Time is a factor, of course, but using FB I need not spend any time to
> maintain userlists, login procedures, web servers etc. I can spend the time
> I can offer to maintain the content of the page, which is what should
> matter in the end.
> An I do not think that 20000+ FB QGIS likers deserve to be so lightly
> disregarded.


what's the problem here? No need for flames.

Does anybody refused your help in spreading the word on FB?

I'm not on FB and I will probably never be, but I've absolutely nothing
against you promoting QGIS on FB, if you feel like doing it, just do it.

What I don't understand is why you criticize this ML, if you don't find it
useful or you don't like it, just unsubscribe.

Alessandro Pasotti
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