Hi all,

I have some issues creating maps with the map composer using scale-dependent 
styling in QGIS. As I use quite complex styling and just found out that the 
view in composer or sometimes the created pdf's differ from the canvas view in 
QGIS, I created a test project to find out more:

I have a project with two vector layers (point and polygon). In the first 
layer's layer properties -> "general" I set "scale dependent visibility" to min 
10,001 and max 9,999. When creating a map in composer with scale 10,000 I 
expect to see the same elements in the composer as in the canvas, but nothing 
occurs. So I tried to change the scale range in layer properties and found out 
that with max < 1:9,939 the layer occurs in map composer, with max >= 9,939 it 
does not. Seems to be a bug as with scale 10,000 in map composer, the layer 
should be painted at any min > 1:10,000 and max<=10,000.
With the second layer, I set "scale dependent visibility" to min 1:10,001 and 
max 1:9,938 so it is painted in map composer. But when I export as PDF, I get 
an empty map. When I change "scale dependent visibility" to min 1:10,005 the 
objects are visible in the PDF. It seems that with scale-dependent styling, the 
map composer's view and export don't interpret the scale the right way.

For testing I used a local shp-source and a PostGIS-source. So the source seems 
not to be the problem. The effect is the same when I don't use "scale dependent 
visibility" but rule-based labeling with "scale range" instead. The styling is 
"simple marker" for the point layer and "simple fill" for the polygon layer. 
The map frames dimension in composer is 130x140 mm. I use QGIS 2.16.0. If it 
helps I can deliver further information, screenshots or the test project.

Thanks for any help or ideas with this issue and in general for the great help 
here in the mailing list!


Benjamin Fünfer-Königstein
S-IP-AN-TG Techn. Geschäftsfelder

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