Hi Andreas,

I’m using EPSG:31468 (DHDN GK zone 4). The extend in composer is smaller than 
the extend on project canvas as I use two map boxes in a DIN A4 layout, but the 
extend which is visible in the composer is fully visible on the project canvas. 
As the data sources are not public and only available within our company 
network, I will have to create another test project with public wms and local 
sources, try to reproduce the issues and send this project and data to your 
email. Is that all right with you?


Benjamin Fünfer-Königstein
S-IP-AN-TG Techn. Geschäftsfelder

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Betreff: Re: [Qgis-user] Bug in Map Composer?

Hi Benjamin,

What projection are you using? Is the map extent on canvas and composer exactly 
the same?

There are projections where scale varies according to the latitude of the 
extent - but I rather assume it is a bug in QGIS and should be reported in our 
issue tracker.

We would need sample data/project and steps to reproduce.



On 2016-07-25 08:58, Benni wrote:
David, thanks for your answer! The scale in map composer is definitely at
10,000 as I set it in the map-box item properties (numeric scale bar also
prints 1:10,000). So the scale in composer is within the threshold of layer
visibility. Besides that, as I said, the layer with "scale dependent
visibility" set to min 1:10,001 and max 1:9,938 IS visible in map composer
but IS NOT in the created pdf. Meanwhile I also found out that with WMS
sources displayed in the map, there is a similar issue. The WMS is delivered
with different styling at different scale levels. In map composer the style
Looks the same as in the project canvas. But in a PDF printed from map
composer, the styling looks different (like the one for smaller scales). So
all together it still seems to be a bug. Anyone up to test it on your
system? I can send the project and files I created for testing.


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