Hi everyone, 


I use a laptop on my car where I have installed QGIS to follow the position 
over a map with a GPS. I can calibrate the image taken from a 1:25000 detailed 
topographic map.  


I need to use QGIS with Openstreetmap offline to follow car GPS position.


I have downloaded vector tiles form  <http://osm2vectortiles.org/> 



I am not able to open the MBTiles file with QGIS. Please be patient, this is 
not my work. I will be grateful if you would suggest me how to do this job or 
if there is a tutorial available.

Are vector tiles from OSM2VECTORTILES right files? Is this the right way to 
work offline?


++running QGIS Desktop 2.16.0 with Windows10




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