Thanks for the help.


I am going to try. 



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Hi, I will add that I use QTiles's mbtiles in my android smartphone with 
Oruxmaps and it works nicely


W dniu 2016-07-29 o 16:59, Bernd Vogelgesang pisze:


I normally do it this way to have an offline basemap either for the mobile 
phone or the notebook:


1. Install QuickMapServices (an add contributed pack in the settings) for a 
variety of background layer. There are also different flavours of OSM, so pick 
your favourite.


2. Install the (tagged as experimental) QTiles plugin.

Assuming you have to work in certain area at a time only, set your canvas to 
this are.

In QTiles, you can choose between .zip and .mbtiles (but those mbtiles work 
within QGIS for already a while). Pick mbtiles for file creation.

Choose your zoom level carefully. If you do not need too much detail, 15 will 
be enough. See for detail which zoom level 
represents which map scale.


For me this setting resulted in 150MB file for an area of ca. 100 square 
kilometers. Higher zoom level or multiple zoom levels will let this grow 
exponentially. You will have to test a bit to find the right settings for your 

The creation of this mbtile will take a while cause it has to download all the 
tiles for the area one after another.

So better test with a really small area before starting a big download.


Hope this helps



Am 28.07.2016, 00:02 Uhr, schrieb  <> 


Hi everyone, 


I use a laptop on my car where I have installed QGIS to follow the position 
over a map with a GPS. I can calibrate the image taken from a 1:25000 detailed 
topographic map.  


I need to use QGIS with Openstreetmap offline to follow car GPS position.


I have downloaded vector tiles form  <> 



I am not able to open the MBTiles file with QGIS. Please be patient, this is 
not my work. I will be grateful if you would suggest me how to do this job or 
if there is a tutorial available.

Are vector tiles from OSM2VECTORTILES right files? Is this the right way to 
work offline?


++running QGIS Desktop 2.16.0 with Windows10





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