Ah cool thanks for the info Nathan, I have assigned my bug report to you.


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Hey Chris,

I have confirmed this for the dialog based editor.  If you use the style dock 
to edit the rule (F7 or the paint brush icon on the layers panel) it doesn't 

Report it as a bug and assign to me please.


On Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 6:21 PM, Chris Buckmaster 
Hi Benjamin

My process is as follows…

Using a point dataset from PostGIS, and the rule based labelling for Labels.

My rule says "CLASSIFICA" = 'Woodland Or Forest' AND "FONTHEIGHT" = 'Small', 
with this I also have a scale range included.

When I try to change this (for example to “FONTHEIGHT” = ‘Medium’), I click on 
the browse button next to ‘Test’, I then manually alter the text within my 
expression from ‘Small’ to ‘Medium’.

I OK this – back at the ‘Edit rule window’, I do see that the text has changed 
to ‘Medium’, I then click OK but back at my rule based labelling screen the 
text still says ‘Small’.

If I decide to change the expression from the ‘Edit rule’ window and not open 
the expression, it does retain the change, so there looks to be an issue (from 
my set up anyway) where it is not storing any changes within the expression 

I am using QGIS 2.16.1.

Thanks, Chris

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To: Chris Buckmaster; 
Subject: AW: QGIS 2.16 - Rule based labelling

Hi Chris,

cannot confirm this behavior, my expressions are retained, both when I type 
them directly in the rule-list and when I type them in the “edit rule” window. 
I’m using 2.16.2. Can you give more details, e.g. what does your rule look 
like, what buttons do you use exactly, so I can try exactly the way you do? Did 
you try the “Test” button in edit rule window to find out if your expression 
works/makes sense?


Benjamin Fünfer-Königstein
S-IP-AN-TG Techn. Geschäftsfelder

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I am using the rule based labelling in QGIS 2.16 and am noticing that when I go 
into a rule then choose the filter and put my expression in, when confirming 
this it does not retain my expression.

Is this a known issue or perhaps something wrong with the workflow I am using?

Thanks, Chris

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