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Using v.distance from GRASS:



>From the link above:

“dmin and/or dmax can be used to limit the search radius”


Hope that helps.





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Been struggling with this one for a while and have used commands in both; 
Python, QGIS, Spatialite, and Esri (Basic).

I separated all my mains and all my laterals into 2 files (Line types), I am 
now finding that some of my laterals do not intersect my mains. I want to 
systematically extend all my laterals to my mains, too many to go through 

I tried turning my mains to points and use snapping to point, tried converting 
the laterals to point and snap the start point to the main then rebuild the 
lines, tried using nearest neighbor to get the closest intersect locations and 
a number of plugins. 

I need away to snap the closest end of a lateral to a main that is within x 
meters of the main (to avoid snapping laterals to the wrong main). 

Any suggestions?


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