Hi Dave,

yes it's possible. And it is quite easy:
select your map frame in the composer -> select the "Item properties" tab -> Hit the "Update preview" button


Am 30.08.2016, 22:07 Uhr, schrieb <dave.po...@pinan.co.uk>:

Hi List,

I am having run with the print composer :-(

If I work on the main qgus window and create a map image the way that I want it, then open a print composer and drag an image of the map on to the print >compose. It looks rather nice. Then I discover that I have left off some vital feature, I go and edit the main map, but the print composer ignores the change. I >have to remove the map image from the print composer and re add it.

Is there any way I can just get the composer to reload/refresh the image on the composer to match the main image on the qgis window with out having to readd >it ?


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