Thaks, as with all things Qgis it can be done, but finding out how or where the 
button is always an interesting challenge.

In this case the Items properties tab is on the right hand side on the main 
screen, between Composition and Atlas generation, near the command history 
I was expecting to find it under one of the icons when I first started looking.

Thanks for providing the information 

August 30 2016 9:30 PM, "Bernd Vogelgesang"  wrote:

Hi Dave,

yes it's possible. And it is quite easy:
select your map frame in the composer -> select the "Item properties" tab -> 
Hit the "Update preview" button 


Am 30.08.2016, 22:07 Uhr, schrieb :

 Hi List,

I am having run with the print composer :-(

If I work on the main qgus window and create a map image the way that I want 
it, then open a print composer and drag an image of the map on to the print 
compose. It looks rather nice. Then I discover that I have left off some vital 
feature, I go and edit the main map, but the print composer ignores the change. 
I have to remove the map image from the print composer and re add it.

Is there any way I can just get the composer to reload/refresh the image on the 
composer to match the main image on the qgis window with out having to readd it 

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