Hi Ari,

> I'm using 2.16.2 and when I connect to a WFS provider the layer list is
> not updated after the first time I press Connect in the dialog. This
> means that when I publish or unpublish layers at the server those
> changes are not shown in the client.
> I can force the update by removing the client cache (rm -rf
> .qgis2/cache/data7).
> I can fix the problem by changing 'false' to 'true' in the sendGet call
> in QgsWFSCapabilities::requestCapabilities (that is the bool
> forceRefresh parameter). However, changing code seems rather drastic, so
> what am I doing wrong?

This is probably a shortcoming of my recent refactoring in the WFS provider 
where I borrowed some things from the WMS provider. Instead of full caching as 
currently done vs no caching as before, perhaps there could be a medium way: 
if capabilities are needed due to pushing the Connect button, then we should 
re-issue a network request. In other cases, we could use the cached version. 
Actually looking at the code, I think this is what the WMS provider does.

Could you file a ticket about that (if there isn't already one) ?


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