I am currently using QGIS 2.16.3 on my Windows 7 Sony VAIO. Since a few days 
ago I had to reset my computer due to a internet explorer error. So I reset the 
computer and downloaded the QGIS from your main site, the QGIS Standalone 
installer version 2.16 (64 bit). I allowed my antivirus to install the program 
and the program installed perfectly. After that, I opened the project that I 
was working on, before the explorer error, I toggle editing a polygonal layer, 
and press the add feature tool. As soon I try to add a new polygon to the layer 
the program stops working and start to say QGIS not responding. I can't keep 
working on my project because of this. I already tried uninstall and installing 
again the QGIS. But the problem persist. I need help. Please could someone can 
help me? I just need to the program to work so I could working on my graduate 
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