> Under project properties, general tab - change "ellipsoid" to "None

Done, but calculated area is still... geodetic area?. I've tried ArcGIS
and, for my GEO layer, It gives me desired area (same as an UTM layer,
calculated with OTF off); so, it's me or QGIS, but I can't do this task in
one step on QGIS: first I've to reproject mi GEO layer into an UTM one;
disable OTF and finally calculate area (planar, as UTM is) in the new UTM


2016-10-18 19:58 GMT-05:00 Nyall Dawson <nyall.daw...@gmail.com>:

> On 19 October 2016 at 02:22, Carlos Cerdán <sig.up...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > It was my fault. I was used to consider plane areas as "correct",
> forgetting
> > ellipsoidal areas. So, QGIS give us freedom to calculate planar or
> > ellipsoidal (geodetical) areas, but we must be careful about settings; Is
> > not it?. Sometimes, too much freedom is annoying!
> >
> > But, How can I calculate UTM (planar) area from a GEO layer in one step?
> Under project properties, general tab - change "ellipsoid" to "None /
> Planimetric".
> I keep meaning to split up the concept of ellipsoidal measurement from
> OTF reprojection. In my view these are two different concepts - one is
> just about display of data, the other relates to measurement. Ie, you
> should be able to perform ellipsoidal calculations even if OTF
> rendering is disabled.
> I just keep forgetting to do it early in a release cycle for extensive
> testing...
> Nyall
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