I set up a neat atlas for displaying a row of 50 sample plots. On a second page, I want to show 2 pictures taken of these plots automatically with an expression including the path || @atlas_pagenumber || '_1.jpeg' or '_2.jpeg' to display up to two photos named e.g. 1_1.jpeg, 1_2.jpeg.

This works really great! The problem is, that for some plots, we do not and have any picture or only one. In composer, these missing images are marked with a big red cross. Unfortunately, these red crosses are also exported, which looks quite shitty.

Is there any clever way of forcing QGIS not to export these place holders but just not to print anything at this place?

The only (boring) idea I came up with till now, was to create empty white images and name them accordingly to avoid the red crosses.


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