I discovered some of what you said last night, I also installed 3 or 4
other CAD like tools adons as well as Survey Calculator. Last AutoCAD
training I had was 2008 and I never used it in a production environment but
I still understand some of the concepts. The person I am trying to set this
up for is a drafting tech familiar with AutoCAD so this might work well for
Anyway I will try your direction distance and distance along path work
flows and see what happens.

On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 5:41 PM, <> wrote:

> Hi Tyler,
>    if you know autocad you can use QAD plugin.
> Direction Distance tool can be emulate drawing a construction line from a
> known point (QAD has its own osnap modes) to a point indicated by the
> @len>angle syntax
> Distance along Path tool can be emulated by the Progressive distance osnap
> mode
> Distance distance tool can be emulated drawing two conctruction circles
> and then using the intersection osnap mode.
> If you need more tools please explain what the tool has to do and I will
> happy to find a solution in QAD environment (if it exists !)
> bye
> gam17
>> Hi;
>> I am looking for tools that will allow me to add points based on
>> measurements from other features, or lines based on deflection from either
>> another line or segment and distance. I installed a whole bunch of tools
>> that are "CAD" like addons I have been exploring (too many to list) but I
>> have not yet found the functions I am looking for.
>> If anyone is familiar with Esri I am looking for QGIS counterparts to;
>> Direction Distance, Distance along Path, Distance Distance, etc... for
>> adding new features (mostly points and Lines) to our GIS Data.
>> Thanks for any ideas;
>> Tyler
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