I was hoping to take advantabe of the offline editing functions in QGIS to
allow multi user editing. I have done some testing and discovered that the
function can allow multiple user edits in an sqlite database as long as
users do not edit the same feature. I am setting up "work areas" for each
person as long as they stay within their respected areas they should be
able to edit features without causing issues with other data changes.
What you are suggesting makes sense and I am wondering if this process will
work; Use QGIS to create an "offline editing mode" then switch to AutoCAD
to make the edits in the "offline.sqlite" database. After editing use QGIS
to post the data back to the online version of the database; this is
something I am going to have to test.
Most people will be editing a specific layer with only me and one other
tech editing all of them, some of those layers are simply related data
tables and not really layers containing any geometry.
Thanks for the input Richard it has given me something to think about.

On Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 10:09 AM, Richard McDonnell <
> wrote:

> Tyler,
> As a Drafting Tech, who moved to GIS and QGIS, might I suggest you let the
> Tech work in the medium of choice, as long as they utilise Layers and save
> the data in dxf format, QGIS can easily handle and convert dxf into any
> format you need on the GIS side and back to dxf also.
> I actively work in both environments, and utilise the strengths of each to
> complement the other.
> Only issues I have faced is in relation to Polygons (Closed Polylines
> AutoCAD) If you are just working on lines and points you should have no
> problems!
> Regards,
> Richard.
> On 03/11/2016 11:36, Tyler Veinot wrote:
> Gam;
> I discovered some of what you said last night, I also installed 3 or 4
> other CAD like tools adons as well as Survey Calculator. Last AutoCAD
> training I had was 2008 and I never used it in a production environment but
> I still understand some of the concepts. The person I am trying to set this
> up for is a drafting tech familiar with AutoCAD so this might work well for
> him.
> Anyway I will try your direction distance and distance along path work
> flows and see what happens.
> Tyler
> On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 5:41 PM, <> wrote:
>> Hi Tyler,
>>    if you know autocad you can use QAD plugin.
>> Direction Distance tool can be emulate drawing a construction line from a
>> known point (QAD has its own osnap modes) to a point indicated by the
>> @len>angle syntax
>> Distance along Path tool can be emulated by the Progressive distance
>> osnap mode
>> Distance distance tool can be emulated drawing two conctruction circles
>> and then using the intersection osnap mode.
>> If you need more tools please explain what the tool has to do and I will
>> happy to find a solution in QAD environment (if it exists !)
>> bye
>> gam17
>>> Hi;
>>> I am looking for tools that will allow me to add points based on
>>> measurements from other features, or lines based on deflection from
>>> either
>>> another line or segment and distance. I installed a whole bunch of tools
>>> that are "CAD" like addons I have been exploring (too many to list) but I
>>> have not yet found the functions I am looking for.
>>> If anyone is familiar with Esri I am looking for QGIS counterparts to;
>>> Direction Distance, Distance along Path, Distance Distance, etc... for
>>> adding new features (mostly points and Lines) to our GIS Data.
>>> Thanks for any ideas;
>>> Tyler
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