I am on ubuntu 16.04 and I am unable to do something i've done in windows. I am trying to pull the geoson earth quake feed from usgs.

The link to the feeds is here...


...the actual feed I used is this one (there are several on the above link)


I am told by my QGIS installation of 2.18 on Ubuntu 16.04 that it is not a valid source. Anyone else have this problem and/or can get it to work?

1) add vector
2) change source type to protocol
3) encoding is set to win 1532
4) protocal type geojson
5)geoson feed url

Invalid Data Source: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/feed/v1.0/summary/all_month.geojson is not a valid or recognized data source

Thanks for your help!!

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