Gary Sherman wrote:

> On Dec 11, 2006, at 10:19 PM, Paolo Cavallini wrote:

>>> Six critical bugs seem squashable before the end of the year, but what
>>> about the other 16? Are you going to release qgis 0.8 with known (even
>>> if not critical) bugs, or are you confident that they can be fixed in
>>> time?

> We will do our best to close as many bugs as possible, however it is
> inevitable that there will be some remaining issues in the release. I
> think this is true with all software, its just more obvious in the open
> development model.

This rule should apply only to not-yet-reported bugs (or very fresh
ones, eg. reported a day or two before the release). It is not fair to
apply it to bugs which have been known for a long time, and release the
software anyway, although they remain.

> All past releases have had some unresolved issues and
> while we would like to release perfect software, its a matter of
> time/benefit ratio.

But you are not going to release 0.8 with *known* bugs not fixed and
call it stable, are you?

I don't want to be considered not trustworthy when I advertise QGIS 0.8
to my colleagues and folks at Polish GIS and GPS mailing lists. If QGIS
is released with known bugs not foxed on purpose, I will hesitate to
promote it.

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