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Hi Craig,

I went through the slides you suggested and the code for creating a QGis
Plug-in as well. I guess the steps are more appropriate for a Linux
environment. But, as far as Windows is concerned, I think I need to have the
.lib files to link the modules in the DLL files (I mean the DLLs found in
the QGis installation directory). I could find all the required DLLs in the
installation directory, but I couldn't find the .lib files required for
linking those DLLs from C++ (Windows Environment). I am using Microsoft
Visual C++ 2005 as my development environment. Is there any other means to
create a Plug-in for an existing (already installed) QGis application under

In case you'd like to develop with Visual C++, you'll need to compile
QGIS by yourself to obtain library files - we compile QGIS with MinGW
and its library files are incompatible with those in VC++. Also you'll
need to compile QGIS dependencies first to be able to link QGIS with

To avoid this you can use MinGW compiler and MSYS environment we use
which contains all dependencies, thus making compilation much easier.
http://qgis.org/uploadfiles/msys/msys.tar.gz (269 MB)


Do I need to link those DLLs dynamically from my Plug-in code?

Yes, you need to link your plugin to QGIS libraries.

Or finally, you can try out current development version that
introduces plugins in Python language. This means no dark magic with
(re-)compilation, less code and simpler debugging.

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