Hello all !

I'm in the process of updating my Linux-Q60 website. New RPMs have already been
made available:

- Patches for Linux kernel v2.4.23.
- Linux kernel v2.4.23 (with cryptoloop and supermount patches).
- losetup/mount v2.11z: crypto-API aware, compatible with the old International
  kernel crypto patch. Should also work with loop-AES (untested).
- dillo v0.8.0-pre: CVS pre-release (expect many core dumps !) with patch for
  frames support !

In the pipeline (i.e. being compiled right now):

- gnupg v1.2.3 (fixes a critical security hole in previous gnupg versions).
- nedit v5.4RC2.

Enjoy !

Thierry Godefroy.

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