- dillo v0.8.0-pre: CVS pre-release (expect many core dumps !) with patch for
  frames support !

Very nice!

As for surfing tools, I'll be ordering a small batch of cheap (no name) routers this evening for a a few Q40/Q60 users:

- Integrated 4-port N-way ethernet switch for 10/100 Mbit (RJ45)
- DSL/cable modem port (RJ45)
- Serial (!!!) port for analogue or ISDN modem (DSUB 9)
- Integrated parallel port printserver (DSUB 25)
- Integrated firewall and configuration webserver
  (No M$ specific software required!)

The router is especially useful if one has only an analogue modem connection but more than one machine. I connects/disconnects automatically depending on the traffic. It is tested under QDOS Classic with QLwIP, and also in mixed Linux/MacOS/QDOS environments. It also serves as a LAN switch/hub.

(NO, I have NOT released QLwIP yet, and no schedule to do so).

If someone else needs this box, please let me know privately until 20:00 today.

All the best

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