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> John.
> >> I am still, however, very intrigued that the QUANTA limited edition
> >> states
> >> that there is a Quanta  copyright and not that it was reprinted under
> >> licence
> If you look in any technical book you will find that the publisher has
> accepted the responsibility for maintaining the copyright.
> This appears to be standard practice and the Quanta publication was no
> exception.
> John Taylor

I would have to bow to someone with far greater knowledge than I have with
regards to copyright and licences. I wasn't even a Quanta member at the
time; however intriguing you find the situation. I have merely quoted from
the copies that I either own or am holding on behalf of Quanta for resale in
an effort to shed some light on the situation.

However, as current demand (nil) is far less than availability - from
various sources -does the question really require further comment?

Now, should this situation reverse itself (demand greater than supply) and
you know of the whereabouts of some past documentation on the topic, we
would all be please to hear about it.


John Gilpin. (individual)

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