After months of development and beta testing I'm proud to announce
that QPC2 version 3.30 officially went live. As usual the update is
free for all users of QPC2 version 3. Get it from

Main changes are a much faster emulation core and uQLx compatible
TCP/IP functionality. Furthermore there are some bug fixes and smaller
enhancements. It comes complete with SMSQ/E v3.09.

Full changes list:

3.30  Full IP (TCP/UDP) support! Mostly compatible to uQLx TCP/IP interface.
      3 little words: Fastest! QPC! Ever! Up to 40% faster than 3.20!
      Partially re-designed QPC<->SMSQ/E interface. Old SMSQ/E version are
        therefore completely incompatible!
      Yet another fix in the PAR dialog. Hope that was it now.
      Raised number of PAR ports to 8. Still only 4 are configurable through 
        the config dialog though, power users with more than 4 printers need to
        use PAR_SETPRINTER or directly configure the SMSQE.BIN file.
      Ignores all keys while one of the Windows keys is pressed.
      New command QPC_WINDOWSIZE x,y to set the size of the QPC window.
      New commands x=PAR_GETFILTER(port) and PAR_SETFILTER port,x to read/write
        the "use printer filter" flag of a PAR port.
      Fixed some repaint problems (black screen).
      Does not crash anymore when sound is set to "disabled".
      Fixed problem with volume control sliders.
      Fixed bug in 8-bit accelerated screen routines.
      Fixed problem with screen accesses that crossed the VRAM border.
      *** Needs at least SMSQ/E V3.09

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