This is very sad news - I remember Mel very well from all the shows.

My cordial condolence,


extdgl42 wrote:
The community could be interested to know that Mel LaVerne, QLer for decades, 
passed away early Wednesday morning, June 24th. He had suffered a stroke Jan. 
15th and declined slowly since. He retained his faculties but his body would 
not cooperate.

Mel acquired his first QL, the ubiquitous "black box", in the 80s although I 
don't know the year. He moved up to floppies, HDDs and Aurora. He acquired his first 
desktop (admittedly, a non-QL machine) through QLers. He had extensive collections of QL 
magazines, manuals, and even 5 1/4 floppies.

He wrote articles for the defunct IQLR; I would have to do research to know whether he 
did or did not for QLT or even Quanta. He attended QL NAs including Rhode Island 1994 and 
one hosted by NESQLUG and hosted one in Oak Ridge, TN, USA (1995 I believe). The last few 
years, as his wife Eleanor's health declined, his participation in many things decreased. 
At the time of his death I, Doug, his son, was encouraging him to keep his mind 
stimulated in the skilled nursing facility by making certain enhancements to Mr. 
Kennedy's "Tower of Hanoi" game program from an old Quanta issue.

Doug LaVerne 37830 USA
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