My condolences to the family.  I too remember Mel very well from the US
QL shows.


extdgl42 wrote:
> The community could be interested to know that Mel LaVerne, QLer for
> decades, passed away early Wednesday morning, June 24th. He had
> suffered a stroke Jan. 15th and declined slowly since. He retained
> his faculties but his body would not cooperate.
> Mel acquired his first QL, the ubiquitous "black box", in the 80s
> although I don't know the year. He moved up to floppies, HDDs and
> Aurora. He acquired his first desktop (admittedly, a non-QL machine)
> through QLers. He had extensive collections of QL magazines, manuals,
> and even 5 1/4 floppies.
> He wrote articles for the defunct IQLR; I would have to do research
> to know whether he did or did not for QLT or even Quanta. He attended
> QL NAs including Rhode Island 1994 and one hosted by NESQLUG and
> hosted one in Oak Ridge, TN, USA (1995 I believe). The last few
> years, as his wife Eleanor's health declined, his participation in
> many things decreased. At the time of his death I, Doug, his son, was
> encouraging him to keep his mind stimulated in the skilled nursing
> facility by making certain enhancements to Mr. Kennedy's "Tower of
> Hanoi" game program from an old Quanta issue.
> Doug LaVerne 37830 USA 
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